2002 Delegation


Shawn W. Bennett


Donald R. Williamson, Jr.

Shannon M. Bragg-Sitton

Marcia L. Chesleigh

Darby S. Kimball

Lance K. Kim

Lance is a graduate student at the University of California, Berkeley in the Department of Nuclear Engineering and the Goldman School of Public Policy. His research focuses on developing robust design strategies for nuclear systems. Lance received his BS from Berkeley in Nuclear and Mechanical Engineering.

Lance has interned at the California Council on Science and Technology researching workforce issues and the US Department of State in the Bureau of Verification and Compliance. He spent a year in the International Atomic Energy Agency’s Department of Safeguards and a year in the Office of Research at the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission. He also has experience in heavy ion fusion research and energy analysis. He was the President of the Berkeley student section and the current Treasurer of the Northern California section of the American Nuclear Society.

Jeffrey C. King

Brian D. Lansrud

Dickerson C. Moreno