Robert Zedric

Robert is a PhD student at Texas A&M in the Department of Nuclear Engineering. Supported by the Nuclear Nonproliferation and International Safeguards fellowship, his work aims to halt the global spread of nuclear weapons by improving technologies for verification of treaties and safeguards agreements. He recently spent a year at the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, Austria and conducted research on the damaging effects of radiation on certain electronics. He is now continuing this work for his PhD, which can lead to better understanding and designs of electronics to withstand radiation environments.

Robert maintains a wide range of activities and interests. Among these include his involvement in the Texas A&M chapter of the Institute for Nuclear Materials Management as a past president. He also serves as the commodore of the Aggie Yacht Club. In his free time, he enjoys baking, salsa dancing, and all things outdoors. His career interests after graduation focus on the international applications of emerging nuclear technologies in matters of strategic interest to the United States.