Samantha Winkle

Samantha Winkle is currently a master’s student in Nuclear Engineering with an academic focus on Nuclear Forensics at the University of Utah. Samantha’s research focus is in nuclear safeguards, security and non-proliferation and she is supported by an NRC Graduate Fellowship. Her current work centers on safeguards verifications using Cherenkov radiation and developing curricula for courses that tie the technical world of nuclear engineering with the policy side of the nuclear industry. She has recently been awarded a Nuclear Engineering Graduate Fellowship position working for NNSA Office NA-532.

Samantha is active in the American Nuclear Society (ANS) both nationally and locally. She has long held positions on the University of Utah’s ANS Student Chapter Board, having previously held the positions of Recruitment Officer, Communication and Company Relations Officer and Vice-President, and President, as well as being appointed to serve on the ANS Membership Committee. She currently serves as the Graduate Student Advisor for her student chapter.

Samantha’s interests include nuclear safety, nuclear policy and educating the general public about nuclear energy. Outside of academics she enjoys playing video games, cross-stitching and volunteering with the Girl Scouts.