Scott Veldman

Scott Veldman is a dual major Nuclear Engineering and Religious Studies at Oregon State University and plans to return to OSU in the Fall of 2019 for his Master’s in Nuclear Engineering and Business Administration. While being a student, Scott has worked at NuScale Power as an engineering intern, trained to be a TRIGA operator at Oregon State, works as a science communications fellow at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, and as a pub server.

Scott’s interest in nuclear began with the Nuclear Navy, but was unable to serve and pursued the industry through academia instead. His focus is to develop a breadth of knowledge in technical, business and socio-political aspects of nuclear in order to best serve in moving the industry forward.

Scott also has a Border Collie/Austrailian Shepherd dog, who will probably find a way to come up in conversation eventually. He also enjoys live music, cooking, travelling and learning about new cultures.