William Sames

Co-Vice Chair of the 2011 Delegation

William received his B.S. in Nuclear Engineering from Texas A&M in May 2011, and will be pursuing a PhD in Nuclear Engineering at Texas A&M. He is the Co-Vice Chair of the 2011 Delegation and the webmaster. At Texas A&M, he has served as the President, webmaster, and Director of Professional Development of the ANS Student Section. He is a member and webmaster of the ANS National Student Sections Committee, and the 2011-2013 student member of the ANS National Board of Directors.

William has interned at Los Alamos National Laboratory working on projects in lunar reactor shielding and voloxidation. He works at Texas A&M in nuclear fuels and materials research in the Fuel Cycles and Materials Laboratory. He also enjoys foosball, intramural sports, and hiking.

Contact: wsames@nesd.org