Ben Reinke

Benjamin Reinke is a Ph.D. student at the Ohio State University studying Nuclear Engineering. He graduated from OSU with a B.S. in Physics and French and Honors and Research Distinction in 2010. While an undergraduate, he worked in a High Energy Density Physics laser research laboratory.

Ben is a NASA Space Technology Research Fellow. His current research focuses on experimental and simulations for cryogenic irradiation damage tests. Specifically Ben is establishing a cryogenic irradiation facility at the Ohio State University Research Reactor for completing in situ damage tests on semiconductor materials and optical fibers. Ben also works with a Material Science professor to simulate the radiation damage in these experiments and develop a mulit-scale model of defect annealing. Earlier in his graduate studies, Ben worked on a Department of Energy Nuclear Engineering Program to develop a high temperature alpha particle detector with 4H-SiC. Ben also spends time as the president of the OSU student chapter of the American Nuclear Society and serving as the graduate/professional student member of the OSU Board of Trustees.