Emma Redfoot

Emma Redfoot is a master’s student at the University of Idaho (UI) studying Nuclear Engineering. She graduated from Lewis and Clark College in Portland Oregon with a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies. Currently, Emma is finishing her thesis research on Nuclear Renewable Hybrid Energy Systems. Summer of 2017, Emma worked as an operations intern at Diablo Canyon Power Plant, the last nuclear power plant in California.

Emma developed her interest in nuclear power during her undergraduate studies when she lived in Ecuador and Peru for a combined time of about a year. During her time in South America, she saw what it meant to not have stable energy resources. After looking into different energy solutions, Emma concluded that nuclear power made the most sense as a reliable energy source that helps mitigate climate change.

Emma is actively involved in nuclear advocacy. She is co-founder of the group Students for Nuclear as well as actively involved in Mothers for Nuclear. Emma is very engaged with the American Nuclear Society. In her spare time, Emma enjoys rock climbing and cross-fit.