Hannah Patenaude

As a UNLV Honors College graduate in chemistry and communication studies, Hannah Patenaude is pursuing a terminal degree in Radiochemistry as a Ph.D. student after graduating from UNLV with degrees in chemistry and communication studies.

Her dissertation focuses on spectroelectrochemical techniques applied to U and Pu molten salt fuel systems using boron-doped diamond as a potential method for in situ reactor corrosion monitoring and redox control. She is supported by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Nuclear Energy University Program grant and as a NEUP Nuclear University Leadership Program Fellow.

Outside the lab, she aspires to be an active contributor to the broader nuclear solution for global climate change and limited global energy access through community-focused policy, activism, and justice for people, the planet, and clean power production. She also conducts research on the rhetoric of nuclear energy in the United States through the lens of environmental justice.