Adrian Leandro

Adrian Leandro is currently a second-year graduate student at the Pennsylvania State University pursuing a Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering. His research focus is in thermal hydraulics and two-phase flow modeling using the nuclear system analysis code TRACE. More specifically, Adrian studies how the interfacial area transport equation and its constitutive relationships can be improved on TRACE by simulating experimentally obtained two-phase flow data. Adrian is spending the summer working as an engineering intern at Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory.

In addition to research, Adrian has been a teaching assistant and grader for several nuclear engineering courses at Penn State. He also is the president of Penn State’s chapter of Alpha Nu Sigma, the nuclear engineering honor society. This prestigious society holds an annual energy forum where members from different Penn State departments discuss and debate America’s energy production and needs. Additionally, Adrian is an avid member of ANS and attended the 2016 ANS Student Conference in Madison Wisconsin to present undergraduate research comparing the nuclear simulation codes of COBRA-TF and TRACE.

Outside of the classroom, Adrian can be found outdoors landscaping as a hobby. He is also a dedicated NFL fan every Sunday in the fall, cheering on the Pittsburgh Steelers!