Lenka Kollar

Chair of the 2011 Delegation
Co-Vice Chair of the 2010 Delegation

Lenka received a B.S. in Nuclear Engineering from Purdue University and is pursuing her M.S. in Nuclear Engineering at Purdue. She was first a member of the Delegation in 2009, the Co-Vice Chair in 2010, and is the Chair for 2011. Her research interests include nuclear energy policy and nonproliferation. She jump-started an extensive ANS outreach program at Purdue and is planning to become more involved in ANS at the national level.

While working at the National Nuclear Security Administration through the Nonproliferation Graduate Fellowship Program, Lenka has had the opportunity to become immersed into the inner workings of the Department of Energy and the politics of Washington. She has also had internships at the Cook Nuclear Plant in Michigan and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Lenka enjoys running, traveling, and cheering on the Boilermakers in her free time.

Contact: nesd@nesd.org