Justin Knowles

Justin Knowles is a PhD student studying Nuclear Energy Science and Engineering at the University of Tennessee. He obtained his B.S. in Nuclear Engineering at Purdue University in 2013. Justin’s hometown is Meridian, Idaho where he gained experiences working in semiconductor research and development at Micron Technology in addition to materials science and engineering research at Boise State University. Upon attending Purdue University, Justin became involved with the American Nuclear Society (ANS) and was elected president of the Purdue student section in his junior year. Throughout his time at Purdue, Justin spent his summers in Idaho Falls working at the Idaho National Laboratory’s Advanced Test Reactor, Materials and Fuels Complex, and National and Homeland Security division. In addition, Justin completed rigorous training courses designed for International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors, including pre-inspector training and pyroprocessing safeguards training. His research interests include nuclear forensics, radiochemistry, pyroprocessing, and nuclear safeguards. Currently, Justin is researching advanced nuclear forensics methods through application of Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA) at the ORNL High Flux Isotope Reactor for fissile material characterization. In his spare time, Justin enjoys running, hiking, and volunteering in the community.