Anagha Iyengar

Anagha Iyengar is a Ph.D. student in the Nuclear Engineering department at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. She received her B.S. in Nuclear Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley in 2012, and her M.S. in Nuclear Engineering from UT Knoxville in 2013. Her research interests lie in nuclear security, nuclear technology policy, nonproliferation technologies, international relations and energy policy. She is working on her graduate research in collaboration with Oak Ridge National Laboratories under Dr. Jason Hayward, and is a part of the Nuclear Materials Detection and Characterization group. Her past research focus was on helping develop a passive hybrid detector array with capabilities for dual gamma and neutron imaging, as well as neutron and gamma ray spectroscopy. This project implements passive, standoff threat detection, which is important for nonproliferation applications.

Anagha is an active member of the American Nuclear Society (ANS), Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), and the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management (INMM). In the past, she has had multiple internships working on developing and characterizing detection technologies at UC Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, and Sandia National Laboratories.

Starting June 2014, Anagha will be working for the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) through the Graduate Fellowship Program, where she will be supporting the safeguards technology and policy group while gaining experience working closely with the Department of Energy. She is passionate about outreach efforts in local communities and schools to advocate and encourage STEM education. She also writes for the Nuclear Literacy Project to help dispel myths about the nuclear industry.