Aaron Horwood

Aaron Horwood is a Nuclear Engineering PhD student from the University of South Carolina, and currently work with the Special Reactor Concept Group at Idaho National Lab. He has received a MS in Engineering Management from Missouri University of Science and Technology, and a BS in Nuclear Engineering from the United States Military Academy. Aaron spent 8 years as an active-duty Army Engineer Officer and served as a Commander of A/3-60th IN BN at Fort Jackson, Assistant Brigade Operations Officer for the 193rd IN BDE at Fort Jackson, Executive Officer of C/82nd EN BN, Engineer Support Platoon Leader A/82nd EN BN at Camp Buehring, Distribution Platoon leader for E/299th BSB at Fort Riley, and Maintenance Officer for the 82nd EN BN at Fort Riley. His areas of study include the use of mobile military reactors in support of future military operations and disaster relief, military construction, beyond design basis failure and shielding for small modular reactors, radiological debris field modeling and surveying, and TRISO fuel. He has been awarded an NRC fellowship, won the 2013 Directors Prize at the MIT Lincoln Lab Soldier Design Competition, and the 2016 Itchner Award.