Tom Grimes

Tom Grimes has received a B.S. and M.S. degree from Purdue University in Nuclear Engineering and is currently a PhD graduate student at Purdue University studying Nuclear Engineering as well as an MBA student with a focus on Entrepreneurship. Tom currently works in the Metastable Fluid and Advanced Research Lab under Professor Rusi Taleyarkhan. He was formerly a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow, but is now funded through the Purdue Doctoral Fellowship. His research interests include nuclear non-proliferation, fluid dynamics, radiation transport, acoustics, and materials (he holds an international patent for PLA-based coatings).

Tom's current doctoral research focuses on developing a fundamental physics model to describe the operation of Metastable Fluid Detectors (with wider application toward general cavitation studies e.g. making quieter submarines or faster jet planes). The primary goal of this research being the creation of inexpensive, directional, spectroscopic, high intrinsic efficiency particle detectors. His first brush with nuclear policy-making came while evaluating Metastable Fluid Detectors for application in Radiation Portal Monitors. Since then he has maintained a strong interest in border security and non-proliferation policy.