Matthew S. Glattfelder

Matthew S. Glattfelder is currently a senior nuclear engineering student at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Matt worked in conjunction with ThorCon Power on his senior design: A Small Modular Reactor (SMR) intended to be constructed and operated with shipyard productivity and United States Navy-calibur precision.

On campus, Matt is an active member in the Delta chapter of Triangle Fraternity, where he has held numerous positions including Vice President, Recruitment, Public Relations & Communications, and Information Systems.

Matt came to pursue a degree in Nuclear Engineering after experiencing the benefit that scientific and technical knowledge has in the arena of politics and diplomacy during high-school Model United Nations conferences. Guided by his experience during the National Student Leadership Conference on Intelligence and National Security, Matt has found himself a student by trade, an engineer by profession, and a political theorist by inclination. A graduate of Tandem Friends School in Charlottesville, Virginia, Matt holds environmental stewardship and professional integrity in high regard.