Matthew Gidden

Member of the 2011 Delegation

Matthew is a Ph.D. graduate student at the University of Wisconsin - Madison studying nuclear engineering and energy policy. He previously attended Texas A&M University where he received a B.S. in nuclear engineering. Matthew currently works in the Fuel Cycle Research Group at UW - Madison under Professor Paul Wilson. His research interest is primarily fuel-cycle simulation and analysis and related policy topics, such as used-fuel recycling, long-term fuel storage, and nuclear nonproliferation.

Matthew is an active member of the American Nuclear Society, serving as the 2008 Student Conference Co-Chair as well as participating in the governance of ANS at the national level. He has previously held internship positions at both Oak Ridge National Laboratory working on the detection of illicit radioactive materials and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory working on automated verification techniques. He has also had the opportunity to work for AREVA in Paris, France on both the transportation of used nuclear fuel as well as nuclear reactor accident analysis.