Maggie Flicker Byers

Maggie Flicker Byers is currently a master’s student in the Nuclear and Radiation Engineering program at the University of Texas at Austin. She received her B.S. in chemistry from the University of California at Los Angeles in 2013. In pursuing her desires to apply her scientific background to environmental concerns, she joined Dr. Erich Schneider’s nuclear fuel cycle group in the fall of 2013. After finishing her master’s thesis in the summer of 2015 she plans to continue on to obtain her PhD in the same program.

Her current research is focused on nuclear fuel supply security. The recovery of uranium from seawater is a project currently under development by Oak Ridge and Pacific Northwest National Labs along with many university partners as it is believed to be a back stop technology for conventional mining. Maggie’s work deals specifically with the cost and energy analysis of the industrial scale up of a passive uranium recovery system. Her master thesis will detail the creation of an optimization tool used to minimize recovery cost by varying system and design parameters.

Maggie aspires to be engaged in the engineering community and spread its benefits to others. She is an active member of the American Nuclear Society at the national level,having served as a student program co-chair at an ANS annual meeting. She continues to hold the position of graduate event coordinator at UT’s Women in Mechanical Engineering program in order to foster community among women in the department. She also maintains the role of outreach chair in the ANS chapter at UT with the goal of educating fellow university members and the general public on the many benefits of nuclear power. Outside of these school, she serves as a volunteer math and science tutor for Girl Scout’s Troop 1500, which iscomposed of young girls with incarcerated mothers.