Andrew Cartas

Andrew is a Ph.D. student at the University of Florida studying Nuclear Engineering where he obtained his B.S. in Nuclear Engineering in 2011. His current research focus is on nuclear fuel fabrication, utilizing depleted Uranium, and material performance under irradiation. Andrew has also focused his research efforts on Silicon Carbide as a fuel additive and matrix material for UO2.

Andrew has been heavily involved in the University of Florida ANS student section having served two years as treasurer and is the outgoing section president. During the summer of 2011, he was selected to be the student chair for the 2011 ANS National Conference in Hollywood, FL. He is currently serving on ANS National Subcommittee for Disbursement of ANS Travel Funds to Students. Andrew has interned at Argonne National Lab and participated in the Nondestructive Assay Applications for International Safeguards program held at Oak Ridge National Lab.