Lane Carasik

Lane Carasik is a PhD graduate student and Nuclear Energy University Programs Fellow at Texas A&M University studying nuclear and mechanical engineering under Dr. Yassin Hassan. At A&M, Lane is a part of the Nuclear Power Engineering Research group that conducts research on current and advanced reactor technologies. His research interests include nuclear thermal hydraulics and methods development for computational fluid dynamics.

Currently, Lane is a visiting researcher at the Imperial College London investigating turbulent thermal jets under Dr. Simon Walker. He has had previous internships at Westinghouse Electric Company and Tennessee Valley Authority working on reactor coolant systems. At Westinghouse Electric Company, he worked on steady state and transient analysis for √Člectricit√© de France reactor coolant system components and CFD method development. Lane has also participated in a REU at Georgia Tech Savannah researching aircraft manufacturing.

Lane graduated in December 2012 with his bachelors in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. At UTK, he conducted nuclear thermal hydraulics research under Dr. Arthur Ruggles.

Lane is an active member of the American Nuclear Society and American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Lane is currently the Vice Chair of the ANS Student Section Committee, Thermal Hydraulics Division Executive Committee member, and the 2015 ANS Student Conference Technical Director. Lane has previously been the Chair of the UTK ANS student section and the student chair for PHYSOR 2012.